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Bénédicte Manor
Villas in Normandy

Welcome to the Manor of Bénédicte, one of our villas in Normandy to rent. 

A 3-hectare park on the same estate, a mini gite plus an 18th-century house has been completely renovated, and can accommodate up to 14 people. You'll appreciate the calm, green setting and river view of this 200m2 house with living room, dining room, kitchen, 5 independent bedrooms, 4 shower rooms, free wifi access, very well equipped.
In the kitchen, you'll find :

fridge, freezer, induction hob, electric oven
coffee maker, Nespresso machine, toaster, kettle
kettle, connected food processor, food processor, bread maker, ice-cream maker, sauceboat
steam cooker, dishwasher, tumble dryer
But also :

iron and ironing board, 2 vacuum cleaners
4 hairdryers, 4 towel rails
Charcoal barbecue, garden furniture, parasol, deckchairs
Baby equipment available: cot, high chair and bathtub.

Fully heated with electric underfloor heating on the first floor, and radiators in the rest of the house.

Villas in Normandy

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of northern France, Normandy is a region known for its rich history, charming villages, and stunning coastlines. For travelers seeking a unique and tranquil escape, villas in Normandy offer an unforgettable experience. Whether you're an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the countryside, Normandy's villas are the perfect choice for your next getaway.

Normandy's villas are a true reflection of the region's architectural heritage.


These timeless abodes boast a blend of traditional Norman design elements and modern amenities, providing guests with an authentic yet comfortable retreat. Many villas feature exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and rustic furnishings that transport you to a bygone era. Whether you choose a quaint cottage in the countryside or a luxurious villa by the sea, you'll find that the architecture of Normandy's villas is a captivating story in itself.

One of the key attractions of Normandy is its historical significance. The region played a pivotal role in World War II, most notably as the site of the D-Day landings. History enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the past by staying in a villa that once hosted soldiers or overlooks the historic beaches. These villas offer a unique opportunity to connect with history on a personal level, making your visit to Normandy all the more memorable.

Normandy's natural beauty is another draw for travelers, and villas are strategically located to make the most of it. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the sea, or strolling through lush gardens with views of rolling hills. Many villas in Normandy offer private gardens, outdoor dining areas, and even heated pools, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the region's idyllic scenery. With easy access to hiking trails, horseback riding, and water sports, there's something for every nature lover in Normandy.

Villas in Normandy are often conveniently located near cultural landmarks, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the local culture and history without venturing too far from your home away from home.

Villas in Normandy
Villas in Normandy
Villas in Normandy
Villas in Normandy
Villas in Normandy
Manor near mont st michel
Villas near beaches of dday
landscapes in normandy
manor in the heart of normandy














CAPACITY : 20 sleeps 

PRICE FROM: 2000€ / week

Price available on inquiry

More information is available upon request. The minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.


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